What is Easter facts?

What is Easter facts
Easter Facts,
 Easter a Christian holiday, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ which occurred on the third day after he was crucified on the cross. 40 days prior to Easter, Christians follow Lent, which is supposed to be 40 days of prayer, penance and fasting…
Interesting Easter Facts:
1. Easter is not fixed to a specific day. It usually falls between March 22nd and April 25th. It is supposed to fall on the first Sunday after the full moon following March 21st.                                                                                                                 2. The man who betrayed Jesus Christ, which led to his crucifiction was Judas Iscariot.
3. When Jesus was resurrected it proved he was the Son of God.
4. Jesus’ death was symbolic in that he was dying for our sins.
5. The wine during communion symbolizes Jesus’ blood. The bread during communion symbolizes His body.
6. Decorating Easter eggs was traditionally a symbol of the empty tomb. This tradition is called Pysanka. Christians believe that Easter eggs symbolize new life and resurrection.
7. The first Easter baskets looked like bird’s nests.
8. Eggs were a symbol of life to Ancient Egyptians, Persians, Romans and Greeks. The custom of giving eggs at Easter originated with them.
9. During Lent, people did not wear fine angels; instead they wore Easter bonnets.
10. The White House holds an annual Easter egg hunt on the front lawn. This tradition began in 1878 with President Rutherford B. Hayes.
11. In 1981 the White House began to use wooden Easter eggs so they could be kept as keepsakes.
Easter is the oldest Christian holiday.

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